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原创英语短文:A friction between my roommates

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 2.参考词汇:摩擦friction   手电筒 flashlight
Li Hua and Li Yue are my roommates.

Li Hua and Li Yue are my roommates.Last Monday Li Hua stayed up reading after 10 o’clock in our dormitory.Feeling very exhausted,Li Yue went to bed immediately the light was turned off.However,he couldn’t fall asleep with the flashlight on.At first,he tried to keep calm,but soon he began to lose his temper,complaining about Li Hua’s selflessness.Neither of them would give in and friction continued.

While they were quarreling,I did what I could to calm them down,saying all of us should care about others as classmates.They realized their fault and made up eventually.


Li Hua and Li Yue are my roommates.A small friction arose between them on Monday evening.Li Hua switched the flashlight on to study.However,Li Yue insisted that Li Hua’s action had a bad impact on his sleep.Thus,the two went into a quarrel.

In time of such situation,I stepped forward without hesitation,claiming that neither of them was to blame.Li Hua’s diligence of study was worthy of praises and meanwhile Li Yue’s right to sleep should also be protected.I suggested that Li Hua try his best to finish his work in the day and Li Yue give enough patience when necessary.Hearing what I said,both of them nodded and smiles turned up in their faces.The atmosphere of harmony soon came back.

Through this experience,I come to realize that some conflicts in our daily life can be unavoidable.But just understanding each other and communicating calmly will surprisingly settle the conflicts.Then you will find everyone is easy-going.


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